Your end of financial year, but HR happier!

Have a business with happier employees. Get your HR in order before the financial year ends with Happy HR to make your awards and HR compliance so much easier!

Better tools to help your EOFY

Make the end of financial year as straight forward as possible with our HR resources such as updated employment and sub contractor contracts, policies, position descriptions, payroll and so much more – all with the help of qualified HR consultants.

Your EOFY help HR help explained!


In Australia, it’s critical to have your awards compliance aligned to the requirements of the Fair Work Commission, which is the national workplace relations tribunal. Failure to do so can result in legal action and penalties.

Increase your GP% through driving employee training and performance

Deliver amazing engagement through employee engagement, this breeds operational success, more profits and happier employees.

Ignoring HR and the way it can damage your business

Have you ever actually investigated what hiring a staff member costs you in the first 3 months? We all know this is the vital period, where a staff member can become really engaged, or simply decide your business is not for them.

The 5 Hidden Costs of Mis-Hires and How to Avoid Them

Make your next hire next financial year a good one! A mis-hire can carry a substantial financial impact that can last for last months. Don’t make these mistakes.

Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Make your recruitment process better this financial year to secure great talent with these great tips to ensure your success.

A guide on payroll & HR management

Seamless Payroll procession and issuance is an integral part of a company’s culture. It mandates meticulous oversight. While a company’s Finance Department and HR operations appear to be independent of each other, their partnership is important for improving employee experience.