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Being a manager can create its own unique challenges that many people often don’t think about. While it’s great to have goals of more customers, growth, and profits, unless managers are equipped with the right skills to better manage people, growth, communication, conflict, etc., can lead to retention issues and lost productivity. Let Christopher help you to avoid this.

Have your managers (or managers-to-be) work with Happy HR’s CEO Christopher Smith to understand the skills and strategies required to be an inspiring and effective manager in today’s environment. Christopher offers a blueprint for managers to excel in their roles.


Managers Blueprint – Who this course is for?

Relatively new managers who don’t have a background in leading and managing a team/department, established managers looking to revise and refine their management strategy (or somewhere in between), can benefit from blueprint training.

Whatever the level, participants who follow Christopher’s online course will gain a deeper understanding of how to be a more effective manager and be ready to handle all situations that may arise with the aid of performance management software.

During this insightful and progressive course, Christopher will outline each fundamental area of employee management and help to work through the daily challenges of managers including handling employee grievances with the assistance of complaint management software and as well as managing employee databases with rostering software.

While every business is different and requires its own unique management strategy, Christopher will explain the foundations of success and provide videos and materials to work through at your own pace.

Course curriculum

Why are appraisals so important to an employee?

The key to effective performance appraisals!

Why “humanising” the process removes fear, creates a “safe space” and leads to more engagement!

The importance of post appraisal follow up.
Why are development plans so important to employees?

Why working in sprints or phases leads to effective development.

Using development plans to promote staff more effectively.

Why development plans are key to employee retention.
The difference between training plans and development plans.

Using training plans to deliver predictable behaviours.

Why refresher training is so important.
The key to managing poor performance!

The key to managing poor behaviour!

How to obtain commitment to a plan to rectifying the current problem.

What to do if an employee is not committing to the process.

What happens if an employee is not improving?

Celebrate when behaviour changes.
What is conflict? What is healthy and What is not?

How to manage conflict effectively.

How to manage emotional employees?

Check in are they OK?

How to move past conflict.
What is conflict? What is healthy and What is not?

What is a grievance?

The grievance process and how to manage it.

The don’ts of a grievance process.

What are the rights of the employee in a grievance process.
Why having procedures documented leads to predictable outcomes.

Why scheduling time to update procedures with employee feedback leads to better business optimisation.
What are the types of instances I need to give a warning?

The warning process and the do’s and don’ts.

Why providing detail on the warning is important.

Why using PIP, BPIP to ensure the employee has a pathway to understanding works for both the business and the employee.
The checklist that must be completed before entering a process around termination.

The termination process.

Post termination looking after your culture.

Post termination, taking care of the terminated employee.
What is effective communication?

Why having a delegation roster is so important?

What having a communication framework is vital for internal communication.

Why seeking feedback on your communication style can foster better relationships.
How to use SWOT analysis and benchmarks to optimise your department.

Why note taking is important to keep on employees file.

Seek feedback and the importance of action.

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