Rostering Software

For those looking for an end-to-end platform that allows you to roster your staff efficiently, Happy HR is the answer.

Happy HR is a human resources information system – HRIS used to organise employment data. Our HRIS software helps you streamline processes by making information easily accessible, whether you’re organising your staff based on their wages, tracking their time off, or managing your employee scheduling program.

Rostering Software

Simplify Rostering with Happy HR’s Staff Rostering System

Our cloud-based software allows you to correctly store, track, and update staff information. With a centralised system for all your employee data, you can improve communication within your organisation and experience enhanced productivity in the workplace.

Happy HR’s rostering programs allow administrators to operate efficiently and with ease thanks to our intuitive UX. And if you ever need help with our platform, we are always a phone call or message away. Our responsive support services, led by HR and IT professionals, can help you with any query you might have. Whether it’s about our rostering tool or any other aspect of our software, we’re here to assist you.

Why You Need Rostering Software for Your Business

Rostering requires real-time management on a cloud-based system, like Happy HR. Access the schedules of all your employees with the touch of a button thanks to our employee HR software. Here’s a few top reasons you should invest in Happy HR:

Easy To Use

Our HR management software has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use Happy HR on a daily basis. The rostering is seamlessly integrated into the platform and provides easy access to all the administrators simultaneously.

Save Time & Money

Since it’s so easy to use and allows you to organise staff via wages and time off, you can easily organise rostering. It’s the ideal solution for companies that use a mix of casual, part-time, or full-time workers and need to see how they can best organise their schedules with the help of payroll and rostering software.

Improved Budgeting

If budget is important to you, Happy HR can help. The platform enables you to integrate rostered days off into your schedule, allowing you to pick available employees based on pay grades.

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Features of our Rostering Software

While many stand-out features make Happy HR the ideal HRIS, here’s why we know it will make the perfect employee rostering software for your business:

Recruitment & Candidate Management

Make the recruitment and onboarding process a breeze with new employees with one platform, with our employee onboarding software. Thanks to our integrations, you can view applications and organise documents in one place. For those looking for a fixed-fee recruitment service, ours come with a three-month guarantee.

HR Compliance

Customise all your employee’s contracts thanks to our legally compliant templates for full-time, part-time, casual or contract employees. Choose from over 45+ policies to find one that suits your administration. And since our team consistently reviews these documents, you can be sure they are up to date.

Performance Management

Maximise performance with our performance management software and keep track of employee performance thanks to our Fair Work compliant systems. From conducting appraisals to working on development plans, get notifications every time you need to complete a performance review.

Full integrations with popular payroll & operations software

To provide our users with the best HR management experience, we have integrated with popular payroll and operations software. Our integrations with the following services make the platform effective with all HR tasks managed in one place.

Easy Rostering Just A Few Clicks Away

Roster your team in the most efficient way possible with Happy HR. For more information on our pricing, please book a demo with our team today and make the most out of our dynamic HRIS.

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