Happy Benefits, powered by Flare.

Why Benefits, why now?

Inflation has outpaced wage growth. Employees are under severe financial pressure. Benefits increase take-home-pay and are proven to increase engagement and productivity. Global and domestic macro-economic factors are creating real pressure on employers and employees.

Happy Benefits, powered by Flare is a free benefits platform that aims to increase people engagement and productivity by increasing take-home-pay.

It is a mobile-first solution designed to complement your companies’ Employee Value
Proposition and bolster what’s offered to your employees, supporting talent attraction and retention strategies.
Benefits reduce turnover
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Employees with benefits are less likely to consider leaving their employer.

Better benefits = better job
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Employees with take-home-pay benefits believe that they have more opportunities to apply their talents at work.

Reach your team!

Promote and amplify your existing benefits and drive your EVP by putting benefits in every employee pocket.

A good EVP has been proven to increase attraction and significantly reduce turnover.

Businesses spend significant time and money in building compelling EVPs, but struggle to see employee adoption due to the lack of alignment with employee needs and expectations.

Email, messaging and town halls are the most common approach, but these forums sometime make EVPs seem disconnected from the practical realities of the clinical or ward environment.

Using only business channels also means that you’re only addressing 50% of the available communication geography.

The best EVPs are brought to life by everyday habits that are real, impactful and captured in the organisational memory.

With the Happy Benefits your EVP can be brought to life through news, messaging and also when your business helps employees on everyday saving and big-ticket items like life and health insurance, as well as utility bills.

We are the only provider that offers both pre and post-tax benefits, for free and this increase take home pay by 4-7%!

Benefits Matter!

Benefits drive positive outcomes for your entire people strategy.

Creating an agile benefits mix can improve performance across your entire people strategy.

Having the right benefits can amplify your attraction efforts in highly-competitive talent sectors and increase total employment packages.

Benefits are proven to increase employee and manager interactions and job alignment.

Employees with the right benefits mix are 30% more excited to go to work. And benefits help keep your employees, lowering attrition rates to as low as 2%.

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