Employee onboarding software

Welcoming the right person to join your company is a time for celebration – but for HR, it also means a whole lot of admin.

This can be a catch-22 for businesses. You don’t want to spend too much time bogged down in onboarding, but statistics also show rushing this key process can lead to poor employee retention, high rates of new employee turnover, job dissatisfaction…
However, there is a way to handle your onboarding (and offboarding) in both a time-efficient, yet in-depth, way – Happy HR’s employee onboarding software.

Included within your Happy HR package, our online onboarding software is part of an integrated dashboard streamlining everything related to your company’s human resources.

Create contracts fully-compliant with Aussie industry standards to ensure you and your new employee have total peace of mind when they sign on the dotted line.

Going into our employee onboarding software, Happy HR offers full-integration with employee management apps like Deputy and payroll apps like Xero, MYOB, Reckon, Cloud payroll or QuickBooks. This means the time-consuming onboarding admin involved in adding a new employee to the payroll and assigning their first tasks is made as efficient as possible. Additionally, great additions to the online onboarding software services within the Happy HR dashboard include organisational charts (for new employees to learn company structure & workflow protocols) and customisable onboarding checklists (so you can keep track of what still needs to be completed).

Other benefits – like a calendar to book in management check-ins, an accessible workplace health and safety tab for employees to look through and much more – makes Happy HR the onboarding and offboarding software Australia’s leading companies (including H&R Block & Verge Wealth) turn to for efficiency.

Offboarding software

What makes Happy HR the online HRMS software Australia’s leading businesses (including H&R Block and Transport Network Australia) count on to make looking after their employees easy?

Well, just some of the features of our online HR software include:

  • Deputy-integration – making assigning shifts and employee attendance records simple
  • Full integration with many leading payroll services, including Xero, MYOB & QuickBooks
  • Award interpretation, to ensure you’re always in line with workplace award-standard payments
  • In-built workplace health and safety management services, including reporting templates/checklists
  • Organisational charts for team structuring and reporting links/protocols
  • Candidate management & job board for streamlined hiring
  • Leave management services through an integrated calendar
  • & much, much more!

With affordable plans for companies of all sizes, Happy HR is committed to providing the online HRMS software Australians can rely on to take the anxiety out of HR and make your company, well, happy!

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