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What is HR Management Software in the cloud?

Happy HR is designed to help potential companies like yours manage, grow, and develop talent – all with one simple software.

HR software in the cloud allows HR professionals to access important HR information and processes from anywhere at any time. No longer constrained by physical servers or office locations, HR teams can manage employee leave requests, performance reviews, and payroll with ease. Cloud-based HR software also means that updates and backups happen automatically, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives instead of repeating administrative tasks. Step into the future of HR management with Happy HR as it offers everything from rostering to onboarding and compliance. Create a happy and productive workplace with everything organised for your HR professionals and your employees.

How does HR management software work?

HR management software streamlines HR processes by centralizing employee information and HR tasks. This allows HR professionals to easily track and access important data, such as employee time off and performance reviews. Happy HR includes features for recruitment, onboarding, and benefits management. With HR management software, tasks are simplified and streamlined, leading to increased efficiency and productivity within a company’s HR department. It can also provide critical insights through data analysis, allowing you to make strategic decisions that improve overall human resources management. 

Whether your company is huge or expanding, drowning with HR management tasks, or is a small start-up, Happy HR brings everything together for you.

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Features of our HR management software

Happy HR is happy to take over more than 90% of your HR management tasks. Check out our awesome features.

Full integrations with popular payroll & operations software

Happy HR integrates with popular software to provide you with the best experience. Our integrations with the following services make the platform great with managing most of your HR tasks.

Frequently asked questions

While you would think that HR management software for businesses would be quite heavy on your pockets, Happy HR is surprisingly not. Our self-guided plans and pro plans start from only $9 per employee per month for a year with constant support from qualified HR professionals. Learn more about our pricing.

Whether you are a small-sized startup or a bigger business with more complex HR needs, Happy HR has got you covered. The cloud-based software is ideal to manage your staffing needs and HR management in one platform without needing your HR professionals to be extensively trained in operating it. Simply refer to our packages today to decide what suits you or get in touch to discuss your options.

Happy HR is a breeze to set up, especially when there are qualified professionals to assist you throughout the process and even later. From pre-introduction call to training, we ensure that you do not have to scratch your head in confusion while setting Happy HR up. Let’s make life easy for you. Scroll to our FAQs for more information.

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