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Take the anxiety out of HR with Happy HR’s trusted and fully-compliant HR management software.

At Happy HR, we’re committed to ensuring a happy, efficient workplace – for your HR specialist and the rest of your employees. That’s why we proudly provide the HR management system Australia can count on for contracts and policies compliant with the Fair Work Act, industry standards and best employment practices. The range of automation tools housed within our simple-to-use human resource management software save you time and ensure your employees stay happy.

Additionally, when you sign up to a Happy HR package you get access to our on-call team of HR professionals. Have any queries relating to human resources or our human resources management software? Australia-based businesses can call on Happy HR anytime for guidance and support.

Committed to giving you total peace of mind, you can also rely on us to provide full insurance for our on-call HR services and employee management software. Australia-based businesses can breathe easier knowing that their Happy HR is covered.

To book a completely free, zero-obligation demo for Happy HR software management, Aussie businesses can click Get Started in the top menu to start their Happy HR journey. Want to talk to us about our HR systems software? You can also reach the Happy HR team at 1300 730 880.

Happy HR – the employee HR software businesses of all sizes can bank on to take the anxiety out of HR.


So, what’s included in our HR management system for Australia-based businesses?

Happy HR offers full-integration with DeputyXeroKeyPayTandaMYOB & Quickbooks, meaning that organising timesheets and payroll is sewed right into our HR management software.

The Happy HR dashboard can help cut through the general admin of HR in a number of ways. It can help you craft legally compliant HR policies and contracts through our great range of templates & checklists – all tailored to Australian standards & laws. We also have in-built performance management systems within our HR systems software to promote employee engagement.

Structured in a simple, easy-to-manage way, our employee HR software has settings to help manage and administrate everything from a single small business to large-scale franchises – with sub-company options available to manage company-wide HR needs.

Additionally, our employee management software gives Australia-based businesses services and tools for:

  • WH&S management
  • Workplace aware rate interpretation
  • Candidate management and job board
  • Onboarding & offboarding services, including checklists to safeguard asset recovery.
  • Training & development services to set objectives and action plans – for employees new and old.
  • Leave management calendar
  • Team trophies & motivating awards
  • & much more!

Additionally, companies that purchase our Premium Happy HR software management packages can get:

  • A HR health check
  • HR 360 review for comprehensive engagement & productivity assessment
  • Manager training
  • Investigation services for workplace altercations & serious HR complaints
  • Position description creation services
  • Performance appraisal coaching & assistance
  • Operational and organisational change management consulting
  • Performance & coaching psychology
  • & other premium benefits!

So, when it comes to market-leading human resource management software, Australia can count on Happy HR to take the anxiety out of HR and create a happy and productive workplace.

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