Why hiring staff with high emotional intelligence is key to business success


The ability to identify and manage emotions—both in oneself and others—is an often underestimated skill in the workplace. 

Though frequently overlooked, emotional intelligence (EI) can significantly impact an organisation’s ability to achieve its business objectives.

EI often goes undervalued, with hiring professionals primarily focusing on technical competencies rather than soft skills. However, EI can prove to be the differentiator that propels a business towards its goals.

In this article, Happy HR will cover how authentic and why emotional intelligence in the workplace is important.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Business Success

EI or EQ (Emotional Quotient) is pivotal in determining business success.It refers to the ability to understand, use, and manage our emotions positively and to empathise with others. 

By recognising their feelings effectively, a person with high EI will be able to handle the situation with confidence and kindness. 

The role of EI in business is absolutely essential. It sets apart the true leaders from the technically adept by allowing the former to read social situations better. 

EI cultivates and enhances the culture within the workplace, playing a significant role in: 

  • fostering effective communication 
  • promoting workplace harmony 
  • driving overall performance

How Does Emotional Intelligence Foster a Welcoming Workplace Culture?

Whether you want to pinpoint EI in potential recruits or foster its growth among your current employees, EI is an indispensable asset. Here’s how it improves workplace performance: 

Improved Interpersonal Relationships

Individuals with high emotional intelligence bring skills that can positively influence the work culture and team dynamics. 

Emotional intelligence enhances one’s ability to express thoughts and feelings effectively. This openness leads to more effective communication, reducing misunderstandings and fostering trust.

Although conflicts are inevitable in any workplace, employees with high emotional intelligence are adept at navigating these challenges. They’re able to recognise and understand differing perspectives and respond constructively. In the long term, this helps to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively.

Conflict Resolution & Problem-solving

Employees with higher EQ levels typically have a better understanding of their own emotions. They also have the ability to interpret and respond to the emotions of others. 

This skill set is crucial for conflict resolution, as it allows them to empathise from different perspectives, manage their responses, and find common ground. 

In essence, high EQ employees bring a level of emotional competence to the workplace that can diffuse tensions and approach problems with a clear, empathetic perspective.

Customer Service & Client Relationships

EI has an obvious impact on an employee’s ability to maintain client relationships. By being able to maintain an empathetic approach, individuals with high EI can read and understand the room with ease. 

In a recent engagement, our management consulting division leveraged EI to restructure a business, yielding impressive results. 

The project involved replacing half of a client’s sales team with individuals specifically chosen for their high EI.

By no surprise, the higher EI group outperformed their more experienced counterparts by a significant margin—selling over 33% more. They also secured new businesses that had been out of reach for the company for years. 

The key to their success? Empathising with their audience. 

These new recruits leveraged their emotional intelligence to form authentic connections with their customers, displaying genuine care and interest. This enabled them to excel as consultative salespeople, effectively understanding and meeting their customers’ needs.

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