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Five ways to improve employee performance

When you run your own business, one of the most consistent and common causes of sleepless nights and commercial hardship is the people you employ.
Sometimes they become disengaged (it happens). Sometimes you find yourself with an employee who’s simply not performing. Or, worse, you might have unintentionally created a dysfunctional workplace.

All of these scenarios have a negative effect on productivity and will reduce employee ROI, simply making your life less fun…and less happy. No one wants that!

Figuring out how to manage staff effectively and supportively is a critical part of being a good business owner and is something that can make or break your business.

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Six common HR mistakes and how to avoid them

This is the quintessential guide for all employers looking to avoid the 6 most common mistakes that managers make. These mistakes can literally cost tens of thousands in productivity but can also cost you big time in potential business growth!

You’re busy – yep we get it. You need staff, and you have interviewed a bunch of people and believe you have found a candidate that can assist you in managing the day to day of your company. Your business relationship is just starting.

However, to optimise your business for growth you know you need to ensure you have the right HR processes and performance management procedures in place.
This is not only a smart way to begin a business relationship, but is actually required by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). It’s simple to get your HR in order to achieve growth!

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Ten mistakes that make good employee leave

We have helped thousands of companies improve their “engagement” through a variety of strategies. It is these employee engagement strategies that have a profound impact on business operations. Because of the increased productivity and employee engagement meant that the company could successfully execute their strategic, operational and financial goals.

Companies that try to execute without engaged employees will most of the time fall short and worst, they can be at high risk of losing their best employees in the process.

Got your attention? Are you engaged yet? You should be because this could be the real reason why you are not achieving your goals and worst, have horrible employee retention.
If your staff are not engaged, you’re going to lose your best employees.

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30-day HR playbook for increased happiness and optimised business performance!

Creating a 30-day HR playbook is a great way to structure and focus your HR efforts over a month-long period!

Key areas to focus on include:

Be a mentor, not a manager: Mentor employees, blame processes for mistakes, and learn from failure.

Hybrid workforce management: Establish policies for collaboration, productivity, and engagement in remote and office settings.

Mental health and well-being: The ongoing focus on employee mental health and well-being remains a top HR concern.

Talent shortages: Develop creative recruitment and retention strategies, with a focus on work-life balance.

Skills gap and upskilling: Facilitate ongoing learning and development opportunities for the workforce.

Employee engagement: Foster a sense of belonging and purpose, especially in remote or hybrid settings.

Workplace flexibility: Balance employee demands for flexible work hours and locations with business needs.

HRIS & automation: Use technology to streamline hiring and performance management, freeing up time for mentorship.

Labor law/Fair work changes: Stay compliant with evolving HR laws and regulations.

Workforce planning: Align talent with future business needs and measure performance effectively.

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