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About Us :
Values, Beliefs and Commitments to Children

  • We believe that every child is unique and we respect their individual learning pathways
  • Educators are responsive to children’s strengths, abilities and interests and offer learning experiences that scaffold and build on children’s existing knowledge
  • As a community we are committed to providing children with learning environments that invite and promote them to be inquisitive and learn through play
  • Educators engage children in group work to develop a sense of belonging and develop dispositions for learning such as team work, collaboration and commitment
  • Educators value the relationships formed with children and offer nurturing care and aim to promote confidence in each child
  • We are committed to providing children with a healthy, well balanced and nutritious diet, promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Educators are deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful through their teaching; and act as positive role models to all children
  • We advocate for children’s rights and ensure that each and every individual child is treated equally and offered the same opportunities whilst in our community

Position Summary :
This position is to Plan and implement a quality education programme (NQS QA1), promote the health and safety of all staff and children (NQS QA2), build positive relationships with all stakeholders (NQS QA4,5,6), contribute to the effective management of the service (NQS QA7).

Full time position is available in the mixed age room. The children are aged from 6 weeks of age to 2.5 Years of age. There are 16 children in the room with 5 educators.

Key Requirements :

  • Knowledge of EYLF, and an ability to develop and implement a high quality educational program that reflects the diverse nature of the centre, local and wider community, based on the curriculum frameworks
  • Understanding of the developmental needs of children aged 0-5 including children with additional needs
  • Knowledge of the National Quality Standards, the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
  • Demonstrated experience in the education and care of children aged 0-5
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to establish warm nurturing and responsive relationships with children and to sensitively meet their needs
  • Developing interpersonal and communication skills with both children and adults
  • Demonstrated ability to work with families, children and educators in a culturally competent manner
  • The ability to work cooperatively and flexibly within a team environment
  • Knowledge of child protection procedures
  • Developing organisational skills
  • Demonstrated experience building partnerships with families
  • Knowledge of the local community.
  • Knowledge of current issues in the Childcare and Education sector

Job Responsibility :

  • Reporting to the Educational Leader
  • Working closely with the team
  • Preparing summative assessments for children
  • Monitoring children and ensuring the room is always within ratios
  • Overseeing administration of student progress
  • Attend monthly team meetings to discuss the operation of the educational program
  • Attend professional development session booked by Kids Resort for all educators

Job Functions :
Early childcare

Job Benefits :
Kids Resort has a great team environment and Management are a great support.

We have endless resources for the children and we are above ratio in the rooms.

We have a quality Early Childhood centre with a great working environment and values our educators.

Selling Point :
Great working environment and supportive management team.

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Company:Kids Resort Early Learning Centre
Date listed: 2021-04-28 07:39:53
Location: Melbourne
Salary:$45000 - $55000
Work type: Full time
Category: Educator
Industry: Education
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