What is XERO and how can
a XERO HRIS help my business?

With Xero HR integration, your business can streamline the often-overlapping admin of HR and accounts in one central place.

Find out more about the services you can get through Xero HR integration by visiting the Xero Accounting Software site.


HappyHRTM’s Xero HR integration seamlessly eliminates data duplication by the syncing of the following data and information in your one centralised Xero HRIS:

How to integrate Happy HR
with XERO

Go to the settings page and go to API integrations page in your Happy HR account.

Click on the integrate with Xero button.

Your Happy HR and XERO will now be integrated.

Do you have any questions about XERO’s integration with Happy HR?

Reach out to us today for a free demo of our software so we can take you through our integration with XERO.