HR Policy Management Software

Effective HR policy management ensures compliance and employee satisfaction

However, more often than not a lapse in HR policy management compliance won’t be malicious – it will be a casualty of admin. Having to keep numerous plates spinning, HR specialists can sometimes lose sight of their professional and legal obligations under a mountain of other admin.

That’s why Happy HR’s standard & premium HR support services include quality HR policy management software. Australia-based, we provide policies, contracts, and performance management processes, with our performance management software, that are compliant with Australian standards. Through a series of customisable templates, onboarding & offboarding checklists & other related services, we streamline HR policy management with our simple-to-use policy tracking software. Australia, don’t wait – get your Happy HR package today!

Cloud-based, multi-platform and with employee self-service functionality, we make HR protocol compliance a breeze with our HR policy management software. Australia’s leading companies – including industry leaders like H&R Block – are increasingly turning to Happy HR for their HR needs.

And if you ever have an issue or query relating to HR policy management or your employee onboarding system, the Happy HR team of HR professionals is a quick call away to provide the support and information you need.

To get started and book a zero-obligation, zero-cost demo of our policy tracking software, Australia-based businesses schedule a demo now!

Track your business’ policies is easy with HR Policy Management Software

And the Happy HR service doesn’t just stop at our excellent policy tracking software. Australia-based companies of all sizes can rely on us for integration with other services.

This makes admin-heavy jobs like timesheets and payroll simple and all handled in one place. The Happy HR dashboard also has a number of other services built-in, like WH&S management, organisational charts, award interpretation, candidate management & job board, leave management, team trophies & much more!

So, to find out why Happy HR is an innovative leader in HR policy tracking software, Australia-based companies can reach us at or book a demo for free, no obligation demonstration.

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