Outsourced HR (HaaS)

The management of your Human Capital (your people) is an important task. You need to be across organisations’ HR risks around Australian employment law and opportunities for performance and culture growth.

Australia does have a complex employment law system, and understanding your obligations and your employee’s rights can be time-consuming and confusing. Running and growing your business is challenging enough without the added pressure of trying to make sense of the different laws and industrial awards that apply to you and your employees.

Consider streamlining this process by exploring the benefits of HR as a service.

That’s why it’s vital to manage risks around employee behavior and workplace safety to reduce any impact it might have on your business, reputation, and longevity as an organisation. Some violations can also be very costly. The Fair Work Ombudsman takes a serious approach to enforcing workplace laws and ensuring rights and obligations are met.

This is why Happy HR offers outsourced HR services, also known as HR as a service (HaaS). With our service HR, you can have dedicated time each month, bi-monthly, or quarterly with a qualified HR professional to ensure you understand the key pieces of legislation, regulations, and practices and how this applies to your organisation. This dedicated time is also used to review your team’s alignment, your resource plan, review any cultural or performance issues, and expand on you and your team’s leadership capabilities, among many other benefits.

Our HR as a service (HaaS) consultancy is with a dedicated qualified HR consultant, and they are there as your dedicated HR manager and HR partner to ensure you are able to ensure HR best practice for your company.

They work with you at set times to really dive deep into your HR strategy so you can recruit, onboard with our HR software for onboarding and retain your greatest asset – your employees!

We will work with you to best understand your needs and set an agenda for each service call (via a service level agreement) to ensure we tailor our HR as a service (HaaS) to your needs. By doing so you we can ensure that we will meet your expectations and ensure that your HR agenda is achieved. The HR as a service (HaaS) will lead to more a more productive and happier group of employees, which will increases profits and customer outcomes.

A range of management teams will use our HR as a service (HaaS). We tailor the service depending on their situation to elevate their needs.

Reasons can be:

  • You might be time poor, leading to you not having enough time to drive best practice with HR with your employees. Feel that having a closer relationship will assist you in delivering a better experience for your employees.
  • Not able to retain staff and you need a better outcome, as low employee retention is really starting to cost you. Worried about HR compliance and need more assistance. Need help with resource planning and managing your growth.
  • Want to better support your managers and employees with a more structured approach to HR and culture. Really see the benefits of outsourced HR services as you’re a small business, not HR qualified, can’t afford an HR manager, but want dedicated tailored support as you genuinely care about employee happiness. Benefit with Happy HR’s HR software for small business as well.


Whatever your reason, we help you get the most out of your HR! Contact us now!

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