Introducing our Partner

The Field Group

Jane Pointon CA

Senior Accountant

Company Bio

The Field Group’s origins date back to 1951. From those humble beginnings the firm has established a culture of personal service and advice that goes beyond simply preparing a tax return or buying some shares. In today’s evolving financial environment, personal and business interests frequently overlap. Taxation and wealth creation used to belong to the world of commerce, but we now see, more than ever, the complexities that exist between our personal and business relationships. Permanent change is with us all and success involves men, women and businesses who manage change well. Building relationships and arrangements that work for our clients require detailed knowledge and professional analysis. Advice, knowledge and expertise must overlap to be truly effective. In 2003, the Accounting and Financial Planning practices decided to share branding as two distinct businesses, both focused on being the undisputed first choice Financial Services group in Melbourne’s outer east. The businesses are committed to supporting a full range of financial services in a ‘one stop shop’ environment, in response to our clients’ needs. Alternatively, if clients only wish to see an Accountant or Financial Planner, then this is equally catered for. To succeed in the years ahead, you must do more than just get by; you must manage your life. At The Field Group, we look forward to working with you and meeting your needs to provide the advice and service required growing, managing and protecting your interests. Please contact us anytime.