Introducing our Partner

Daxcel Financial
0427 706 437
Suite 99, Level 3, 240 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000

Rakesh Nairn

Company Bio

As the Founder of Daxcel Financial, Rakesh works to simplify your taxation and accounting affairs to provide you with the best possible outcomes appropriate to your unique situation. Previous experience in commercial business roles and large Australian accounting firms allows for the delivery of services which exhibits Rakesh’s reputation for accounting excellence. Bringing a wealth of experience to our practice, Rakesh is quick to action matters and his results-orientated attitude helps to cultivate strong relationships with clients. Always willing to help his clients, Rakesh enjoys the opportunity to help implement relevant and custom solutions for their business. He is very confident in the power of technology and using the cloud to deliver real results. Taking great pride in working closely with clients and gaining a deep understanding of their business, Rakesh is there for clients through all stages of the business lifecycle, from startup to retirement.