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AMS Accountants

Company Bio

For businesses who want to grow, as well as improve their efficiencies in the bookkeeping and accounting processes, AMS Accountants has the tools and experience to help achieve this. We are a ‘Xero only’ firm using Xero cloud accounting software, and add-on industry specific cloud software applications. Our purpose is to help you succeed in business, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than assisting our clients in successful businesses. Located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, we specialise in the provision of accounting and superannuation services, as well as business mentoring services Australia wide. AMS Accountants takes pride in obtaining an unprecedented in-depth understanding of you and your business and, we in fact are known for “going the extra mile”. We value personal relationships, so we enjoy having face to face meetings and visiting your business in order to gain a better understanding of you, and your business. We will strive to provide you with the best possible accounting and advisory services we can. Our policy is that our clients always have a dedicated account manager, however in general there is always another accountant up to date with your financial affairs to minimise disturbance to your business if your account manager is not available for whatever reason. The fact that we only accept business clients using (and/or those who wish to convert to) Xero Accounting Software (Xero) contributes to this capability. We use “fixed fee” pricing rather than “time based” pricing which provides our clients with certainty and clarity around how much they will be paying for our services. One of our main priorities is to provide you with advice to assist you in being successful in your business. Keeping you “on time” with your tax compliance work is also very important, so this is also our priority. AMS Accountants was founded in 2013 and is on the cutting edge of accounting technology specialising in Xero and the Xero Add-on ecosystem of apps. We are big on using apps to automate repetitive tasks. We use many of these apps in our business to enable us to work virtually paperless, communicate with you through various electronic media forms in order to process your compliance needs, saving you repetitive trips to the accountant, therefore saving you valuable time. We believe your time is much more valuable, and enjoyable, when you are working on your business. We strive to provide excellent personalised service regardless of the size or nature of your business. Please contact us today, we look forward to chatting with you