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Sam Miller

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While owning your own business should have its challenges it should not be a constant grind on your mental health and emotional wellbeing. Between a never-ending list of obligations and becoming more and more isolated it’s not surprising that there is a trending increase in reported stress levels and a decline in mental health for business owners across Australia. At Alexilum Bookkeeping we have a focus on supporting business owners like yourself with a goal to improve your mental wellbeing through Bookkeeping to Free Your Mind. It may seem unusual for a bookkeeper to even be talking about mental health instead of accounting. There is however a direct link between stress levels and not having the right information to make decisions from. One client has suggested we could reduce their stress levels by adding a couple of zeros to their bank balance on their reports. While we all wish it was that simple quality bookkeeping and accounting should give you a clear understanding about your business. Good information tells it how it is, and while it may not be what you want to see it tells you exactly where you are so you can take that first step to getting your business back on the right path. “Even if you know where you need to go, I’m sure we can all agree that it’s more stressful to be lost in the woods than to know where you are to begin with.” We believe that when a bookkeeper supports their clients through well structured and consistent information business owners will be well on their way to managing their businesses with confidence and resolved. While we service clients along the entire East Australian coast, Alexilum has called Brisbane home since 2017 and I have always wanted to be more than just a ‘bookkeeper’ simply doing data entry services. I always had a vision that our services would extend to supporting business owners beyond their bookkeeping. I have spent years building a network of other business owners specialising in problem solving. We encourage all our clients both in Brisbane and extending down the east coast of Australia to contact us if they are facing a business challenge, they need help with. If we can’t help you directly chances are, we’ll know someone who can. I take the mental health and emotional well being of my clients very seriously and have invested the time and energy to become an accredited Mental Health First Aider. If you need immediate support please see your GP, contact Beyond Blue, Lifeline Australia or call 000 (triple zero) in a life threatening situation. Thank you for reading our profile, I hope you find it informative and hope you will contact us if we can help in any way.