Looking to put foundation pillars in place to advance your business to unprecedented success?

Welcome to the business success blueprint

Work with Happy HR's CEO Christopher Smith to understand why having business foundation's are vital for business growth. You might be a relatively new business owner who doesn’t a lot of business knowledge beyond your craft, or you may be an experienced business owner looking to revise your strategy (Or somewhere in between). Whatever your level, follow Christopher's online course to easily develop a strategic framework. You will use this framework to base all future decisions on and they will also guide you to easily and strategically manage problems when they arise.

During this insightful and progressive course, Christopher will help you to look at each fundamental area of your business and help you to work through corresponding challenges during each stage. While every business is different and requires their own unique strategy, Christopher will explain the foundations of success and provide you with worksheets, videos and materials to work through this at your own pace.

A growing business represents its own unique challenges that many people often don't think about. While it’s great to have goals of more customers, growth, and profits, unless the business HR and governance is geared to handle that growth – the business may find the whole operation could be at risk because the structure of the business simply "can't handle" it. Let Christopher help you to avoid this.

Course Curriculum

  •     Welcome to the Happy HR Business Success Blueprint!
  •     Foundation 1- Vision, Mission & Values Introduction
  •     Foundation 1.2 Your Company Vision
  •     Foundation 1.3 Your Company Mission
  •     Foundation 1.4 Your Company Values & Homework
  •     Foundation 1 Quiz
  •     Foundation 1 Homework
  •     Foundation 2- Objectives Review Introduction
  •     Foundation 2.2- SWOT Analysis
  •     Foundation 2.3- Business Benchmarks
  •     Foundation 2 Quiz
  •     Foundation 2 Homework
  •     Foundation 3- Position Description Introduction
  •     Foundation 3.2- How to create a Position Description
  •     Foundation 3 Quiz
  •     Foundation 3 Homework
  •     Foundation 4- Change, Training, and Development Introduction
  •     Foundation 4.2- Be Human
  •     Foundation 4.3- Make the case
  •     Foundation 4.4- Empower Managers
  •     Foundation 4.5- Listen
  •     Foundation 4.6- Culture
  •     Foundation 4.7- You'll get resistance
  •     Foundation 4 Homework
  •     Foundation 5- Positive Culture Introduction
  •     Foundation 5.2- Engaged Employees
  •     Foundation 5.3- Why Good Employees Leave
  •     Foundation 5 Quiz
  •     Foundation 5 Homework
  •     Foundation 6: Recruitment and Onboarding Introduction
  •     Foundation 6.2- Understand the needs of the role
  •     Foundation 6.3- Identifying the ideal persona for the role
  •     Foundation 6.4- Understand market conditions (Salary)
  •     Foundation 6.5- The interview process
  •     Foundation 6.6- Correct Onboarding
  •     Foundation 6 Quiz
  •     Foundation 6 Homework
  •     Foundation 7.1- Communication and Reporting Introduction
  •     Foundation 7.2- Governance and Risk Management
  •     Foundation 7.3- Effective Meetings
  •     Foundation 7.4- Management Reporting
  •     Foundation 7.5- Calendar of Events
  •     Foundation 7.6- Priority Systems
  •     Foundation 7.7- Project Management
  •     Foundation 7.8- Communication Frameworks
  •     Foundation 7.9- Delegation of Authority Framework
  •     Foundation 7 Homework
  •     Foundation 8- Legal Compliance Introduction
  •     Foundation 8.2- Employment Contracts
  •     Foundation 8.3 Policies
  •     Foundation 8.4- Position Descriptions
  •     Foundation 8.5- Performance Management
  •     Foundation 8 Quiz
  •     Foundation 8 Homework
  •     Congratulations! You've completed the Happy HR Business Success Blueprint.
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Course 1

Online Course Only
  • On-demand video (Complete at your own pace)
  • Downloadable resources
  • Assignments
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile
  • Certificate of Completion

Course 2

Online Course
Personal Consult With Chris
  • On-demand video (Complete at your own pace)
  • Downloadable resources
  • Assignments
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1 x 30min consult with Chris to begin your course
  • 1 x 30min consult with Chris to be used at any stage of your course that you would like extra guidance.
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