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About Us :
Western Australian Based IT Services Provider

Position Summary :
Responsible for resolving complex support requests with computer hardware, software, and network systems, as well as meeting customer satisfaction and continuous service delivery demands. Provides research and support for new technologies to be used within our environment.

Key Requirements :



  • The incumbent must have deemed appropriate and capable knowledge in the following areas:
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Hyper-V platforms
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Exchange platforms
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office 365 + Azure platforms
  • Proficiency in Fortinet/Cisco + routing and networking
  • Proficiency in Veeam/Storagecraft backup and disaster recovery methodology
  • Configuring and troubleshooting Window Servers and workstations
  • Configuring and troubleshooting internet and network equipment
  • Configuring all windows software
  • Understanding and troubleshooting IP, IP routing, routing protocols, debugging, other common network troubleshooting tool and methods
  • Understanding how internet protocols work and routing


  • The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:
  • Ability to install and administer computer, hardware and software.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Judgement decision making skills
  • Effective verbal, presentation and listening communications skills
  • Effective written communications skills
  • Computer skills including the ability to operate spread sheet, word-processing, and email.
  • Time management skills

Personal Attributes

  • The incumbent must demonstrate the following personal attributes:
  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Be respectful
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Be flexible
  • Demonstrate good work ethics


  • 5 years of strong direct customer service experience in MSP environment
  • Proven experience of delivering a high degree of customer service and can effectively problem solve in an “out of the box” way including appropriate interpersonal skills to manage demanding or difficult customers appropriately
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-motivated team player with the ability to work calmly under pressure, to meet tight deadlines and see tasks through the completion with minimal supervision
  • Attention to detail as well as a high degree of accuracy in data entry
  • The ability to ensure that customer requirements are recorded exactly as specified
  • Possess high level of organisational skills, can manage their own time and tasks to completion
  • “Can-do” attitude and leads by example
  • Communicates effectively with team – provides clear information/instructions & listens to the team effectively
  • Communicates effectively with colleagues and management regarding all aspects of customer service
  • Demonstrated ability to solve problems within level of accountability
  • Internal system inductions and hands-on training.
  • Experience in an ITIL environment.

Job Responsibility :


  • Build good sincere relations with customers during onsite visits and in all other contacts.
  • Take full ownership of assigned escalated service requests.
  • Manage projects end to end including migrations, deployments or network upgrades.
  • Answering inbound support calls to assist users with access / usage issues and logging service requests into the Companies internal CRM. (reactive support)
  • Outbound calls to users when we see error logs but prior to them making a call to us (proactive support)
  • Investigate and coordinate resolution and recovery actions for assigned support incidents.
  • Install, move and change technology hardware, software and resources under guidance.
  • Troubleshoot hardware, software and network issues using internal knowledge base, senior directions and guidance, vendor support articles.
  • Perform varied and wide ranging other related duties and tasks as required during working hours.
  • Liaise with customers and update of ticket status.
  • Provide a consistently high level of service to our customers in a prompt and pleasant manner.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards and confidentiality in dealing with our customers and each other.
  • Development of customer self-help content and contributing to internal knowledge base articles
  • Develop individual skills and knowledge that will better serve our customers.
  • Analyse and resolve hardware and software problems in a service desk environment.
  • Demonstrate highly accomplished interpersonal skills with a friendly customer service acumen.
  • Complete a broad variety of IT Support tasks in a diverse business environment within a IT team environment.

Physical Demands

(The nature of physical effort leading to physical fatigue)

  • The Senior IT Support Technician will have to spend long hours sitting and using office equipment and computers. The Senior IT Support Technician will have to do lifting of computer equipment, supplies and materials from time to time and operate electrical tools and related IT equipment.

Environmental Conditions

(The nature of adverse environmental conditions affecting the incumbent)

  • The Senior IT Support Technician may have to be involved in a number of matters at any one time, and may be interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of clients. The Senior IT Support Technician may find the environment to be busy, noisy and will need excellent organizational and time skills to complete the required tasks. 

Sensory Demands

  • (The nature of demands on the incumbent’s senses)
  • Sensory demands include use of the computer. The office may be noisy and busy making it challenging for the Senior IT Support Technician to concentrate and focus.

Mental Demands

  • (Conditions that may lead to mental or emotional fatigue)
  • The Senior IT Support Technician operates in a sometimes demanding environment as clients may exhibit frustration, or require immediate responsive assistance services.

Job Functions :
IT Support

Job Benefits :
Office located in Balcatta with easy travel routes from all over Perth.

Selling Point :
Great team in a growing Company

Contact :
Rebecca Coyne

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Company:Global Growth Solutions Pty Ltd
Date listed: 2021-04-21 09:48:21
Location: Perth
Salary:$70,000 - $85,000
Work type: Full time
Category: Senior IT Support Technician
Industry: Information technology
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