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Tanda integration

"When logged into Happy HR, go to your settings tab and click on the “Tanda not integrated button”. You will be taken to may ask you to log into if you are not logged in at that time. Once logged in it will take you to the authorise application page, click Authorise. Once you click authorise you will be taken back to Happy HR and you will be fully integrated!"

"Happy HR and shares payroll, address, birthdate and shift information If you are inviting current employees into Happy HR, please ensure that the emails that you have for each employee is the same in both software’s. This way when the systems sync, you don’t get a double up. The email is the unique identifier and by having the same email address prevents double up of data."

"The cloud has lots of possibilities and being aware of partnerships can help you be more efficient in the running of your business. Happy HR is more than happy to take a call on 1300 730 880 to provide you with information or to answer any questions about and what their features and benefits can do for your payroll."