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Organisational chart

Once the Position Descriptions (PD) are finalised. It is only a matter of adding the PD’s onto an the organisational chart in a structure that suits your business. You will be able to view your organisational chart, which allows you to track how each individual and department is performing. From here you can manage your staff at the click of a button.

"1. You need to have a unassigned position in the organisational chart. If you don’t have an unassigned position that you want to assign someone to please add the position into the correct place in the organisational chart. 2. Next click “RE-ASSIGN” 3. Select the “NEW ROLE” in the drop down box 4. If you have chosen the right position click “OK” to “Are you sure you want to re-assign this user to this new position?” if not please click cancel and try again. 5. If your ok to proceed click “OK” 6. Your position will be unassigned and the employee will have a "approval" for their new performance indicators as well as keeping all their historical information."

"To add as sub company. 1. Click the add button 2. Select the “sub company” 3. Click invite the sub admin 4. Add all the details for the sub company and choose A) you are purchasing the account or B) the sub admin is purchasing the account 5. Complete the process 6. The sub company will now be added and the documents will be set by the company admin from which the company is created."

You can download a CSV file of your data base by clicking export!

Really easy to do! Just click on the + button, click on action, click move to a new position, choose the position it will report to and click to move the position.

Yes, just click print screen and you will be able to print a copy of the chart.