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Legal and compliance

Our employment contracts are approved by legal professionals. To ensure that you remain legally compliant, we recommend that clients use our easy to use copyrighted self-population questionnaire that pre-populates current HR contracts that are legally compliant. This way when there is an update to a contract because of a change to HR legislation clients can remain HR compliant with our simple acceptance system. If you update your information by using the edit company tab in the Happy HR Admin document dashboard they will also remain legally compliant. Our contracts are compliant to Australian Commonwealth standards. You may make alterations to the documents but these will no longer carry the assurance of Happy HR PTY LTD. Happy HR can organise for a legal professional to review your amendments. There is a small but reasonable fee to review your altered policies to give you piece of mind. Remember it is your obligation to run your company according to the contracts should you accept them.

Upset or vexatious employees will sometimes bring different legal proceedings against an organisation. While the use of Happy HR’s documents and performance management procedures may assist in defending such proceedings, these cases will be decided based on individual case facts. In these circumstances Happy HR PTY LTD makes no representation or offers a guarantee that use of the polices and guidelines will provide a defence to such proceedings should a person or organisation behave outside of Fair Work and Commonwealth guidelines.

"At Happy HR your data and privacy is protected! 1. The pages of Happy HR have are HTTPS for full security. 2. We take data security very seriously as it’s YOUR data. Happy HR is hosted on a highly secure cloud server at Digital Pacific. Our server does a backup daily and retains a backup of the previous 20 days at any point in time. Hourly incremental file storage level backups for the previous 30 days will be maintained at all times. Digital Pacific has highly secure facilities and host’s information some of the biggest companies in the world. All servers are encrypted as this is standard practice. 3. In regards to your credit card information, we use EWAY as it is a terrific and secure product, the Happy HR system does not store any credit card information 4. Happy HR cannot access your data etc unless you give us access to it. 5. Happy HR staff are trained in accordance with Privacy Act and will always act in line with this act. 6. Our clients own their own personal data and information and; we will not ever, on sell to any third parties."

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