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Candidate management and job board

Creating an job advert is easy! Simply go to the candidate management page, click on create a new advertisement, choose the position you want to recruit for, select the position and an advertisement will be created. From here you can edit the position description and list the advertisement on the Happy HR job board. You can use this link on online job boards and also your company careers page so applicants can apply directly into Happy HR!

When creating a role in the candidate management module you can create an interview guide to assist you in creating questions around a roles core competency. This will assist you with interviewing more effectively and consistently. This module will allow you to create notes about each answer a candidate provides you so you can keep these on file and compare one interview versus another!

"When creating a role in the candidate management module you can create a reference check guide to assist you in conducting reference checks. Reference checks are an important part of the recruitment process! Simply click on the role, go the employee you wish to conduct a check on, click on conduct reference check, conduct the reference check, save and it will stay on file. From here you can invite them into the system by clicking invite from the action button."

"When you start receiving applicants you can start to shortlisting you next recruit! To do this, you simply click on the “faces” on the candidate application and select 1. Suitable 2. Not sure or 3. Not suitable. As an FYI, you can reject candidates as a group or directly to an individual to all the candidates that you have selected as “not suitable”. Yep, shortlisting just got happy….:)"

You role will appear for 120 days then you will have to refresh the campaign.

Yes of course you can edit the role once it goes live.