Our Culture

Culture isn’t just a word at Happy HR.

We live and breathe our culture. Each team member understands we are all responsible for fostering and developing an enviable culture.

Our Values

Celebrating success
We literally celebrate our achievements. A lot of business’ say they do it, but we actually do!

Creating a wow moment
All our efforts, whether it be assisting our clients and partners, or fellow team members are centred around creating that WOW moment Happy HR is famous for.

Learning from failure
Our team are forever looking to improve, failure is not looked down upon at Happy HR. We endeavour to learn from failure so we can deliver a smarter tomorrow.

At Happy HR we don’t believe in working in silo’s we support cross functional development and believe collaboration is key in providing the best client experience.

These values ensure the culture that is being established within our four walls is at all times positive and encourages business growth.

Our Community

At Happy HR we’re proud to play an active role in neighbourhoods all over Australia. One of the ways we do this is by supporting groups and charities that are important to our staff or that make a difference to the lives of our fellow Australians.
Happy HR is heavily invested in our local and wider community, so much so, that it is literally a KPI for all our staff!
Each team member must complete a full day of volunteering every 6 months as part of their role.
We can often be seen picking up scraps from a beach, raising much needed funds for cancer research or even assisting the elderly and homeless.
We see this as a pivotal part of our business, by giving back to our community we not only improve social standards, but also ensure we are playing our part in growing our very own people.

Our People

At Happy HR we acknowledge the value and importance of our people. We pride ourselves on being an employer of choice and we do this by putting a strong emphasis on internal growth for our talented staff. We love the unique attributes and views of our people and embrace these to foster continual growth!
At Happy HR you’ll get your birthday off, we’ll invest in a free gym membership for all staff and ensure you receive the flexibility you deserve to maintain a great work/life balance.
Ongoing personal development is also high on the agenda for us as we want to see our people thrive. You’ll be provided with lots of training opportunities, as well as career advancement and job satisfaction!
Our people want to truly “wow” our clients at every opportunity. You will feel valued.