How to Create a Remote Work Policy

How to Create a Remote Work Policy Working remotely is changing the way people and companies conduct business these days. With more employees wanting to work from home, companies need to start looking at ways of setting up and implementing policies to ensure efficient project management and accountability.  Remote working can be convenient and even […]

A guide on HR risk assessment for employees

A guide on HR risk assessment for employees What is an HR Risk Assessment An HR risk assessment or employee risk assessment focuses on analysing risks posed by employees to the organisation. It includes managing the risks involved with employee behaviour and following Australian employment law around hiring and dismissing employees, workplace behaviour, and working […]

The importance of HR compliance

HR polices need to be up to date, and tailored to suit the needs of your company so you can ensure that people clearly understand the behaviours required from all employees.

Stand Down FAQ’s

A statutory right to stand down an employee without pay is provided by the Fair Work Act. No modern award provides for a stand down, although an enterprise agreement or contract of employment